Here's a few lines of our company

3LeverLab is an agency and intermediation company that operates in the world football market with accredited members.

  • We have as main objective to mark the difference in the monitoring of the player and his progression as an athlete, distancing us from a capitalist image of the agent / intermediary in today's society. We are a dedicated team that excels in proximity agency, whether at sports, family and social levels. Our connection and training in the field of sport, coupled with extensive commercial experience, aims to provide all our players and coaches with a complete range of services tailored to their career needs.
  • Our company works with the global market as intermediate agents, and directly with the Portuguese and Spanish market.


Get to know our offer

3LeverLab doesn't only focus on its clients' sports representation. We have a complete service offer, designed to meet their career needs.

Sports Representation

Agency for players and coaches, intermediation of individual contracts or joint operations with other authorized agents.

Analysis and Statistics

We work with the most modern technologies to analyze and monitor the performance of our athletes and identify new talents.

Personal Trainer

Our athletes have the possibility to be accompanied and work side by side with a personal trainer focused on improving their physical performance.


The best physical and health results are shown when the regular and accompanied trainning is associated with a good and balanced diet.


Our marketing manager develops a plan to build the player's image (sponsorship, professional image...).


Our goal is to increase the performance of athletes by building a strong mental state, capable of dealing with challenges, emotional barriers and frustrations.

Legal Advice

Together with our partnerships, we ensure the best legal advice since the first contact with our clients.


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Pedro Simões


Frederico Barata



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Lisbon, Portugal